Here it is - my very first blog post

Published on 19 June 2020 at 20:42

'Open' leon sign

Thank you for taking a look at my website and I hope you find it interesting. Please pop a comment below to let me know what you think.


As the website is all about 17th Century women’s clothing I’m obviously going to carry the theme over to this blog. I intend to expand upon topics touched on in the main content, providing more in-depth background. I’ll also keep you posted on new projects as I work on them.


I’m going to include reviews of books, films and TV shows I’ve enjoyed. They will all have some historical context, but to mix things up a bit - Shock!  Horror! - they might not all relate to the 17th Century. My interest is occasionally led astray by other time periods.


So - here we go. Wish me luck!

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Peter Thompson
3 years ago

Well done. The website looks great. Keep up the good work.