Here's a brief overview of the items of men's clothing that might have been worn during the mid 17th Century -


Shirt - basic item of underwear. Simple in construction, usually made from linen. Could be worn to sleep in.

Hose (stockings, socks) - held up with garters at the knee. Could be sewn from cloth or knitted from wool or silk.

Waistcoat (singlet) - single layer garment worn underneath other clothes for warmth. Could be knitted.

Breeches - knee length leg covering, also covering lower torso. 17th century trousers.

Doublet - jacket. Close fitting, lined and interlined. Used to support the breeches, being attached at the waist with ribbon points or hooks and eyes. 

Jerkin - worn over doublet for warmth and/or protection. Might be sleeveless.

Coat - loose fitting and mostly hip length. Worn for working in.

Band - separate linen collar. Could be sewn temporarily to the high doublet collar.

Sleeve bands (cuffs) - made from linen, like collars were separate items pinned or sewn in place.

Cassock (Dutch coat) - loose overcoat, usually associated with soldiers and military wear.

Cloak - short length (between hip and knee level). Might be worn across one shoulder only.

Hats - various styles worn. Made from felted fur or wool, and straw for summer. Also knitted 'Monmouth caps' and linen 'night caps'.

Latchets (shoes) - made straight lasted (no left or right - can be worn on either foot). Might have a raised heel.